Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured Artist

I have discovered an amazing artist on Etsy. I would love to introduce you all to her. She creates the most adorable soft sculpture animals. I noticed her when one of her sweet little lambs caught my eye. I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself. Meet Judy Elizabeth of

I was born in northern Illinois and lived there until I moved to Montana in 1970.
I live in a very rural area on a ranch in the northwestern part of Montana right by the US/Canadian border. We raise beef cattle. At one time we also raised sheep -- I loved my sheep and found that I could easily handle them when they were lambing. In the early 1980's I designed a soft sculpture lamb ornament. From that small design I began to make my lambs/ewes bigger and bigger. In 1984 I began the process of copyrighting my lambs/ewes and any other designs that I created. I then obtained a Design Patent on my lamb/ewe design. I trademarked and established a business name of Judy Elizabeth's Flock (my first and middle names). My soft sculpture lambs and ewes are based on a special ewe, Jena, that I raised as a bum and all the other ewes and lambs during the 16 years we raised sheep. Jena was a white-faced ewe and had long black lashes and freckles on her nose. I added the lashes to my lambs/ews and since I am a cartoonist by nature, exaggerated the lashes on each and every lamb. I love the lashes! The only sheep I raise now are made with my needle and thread!

I have been sewing since I was a child. I have always loved fabric and design. When I was very young, I also loved to draw cartoons. I designed and made soft sculpture bears, rabbits, and hand puppets. When my children were growing up I designed and made hand puppets and as a family we put on puppet shows. I truly enjoy being creative with my hands. Stenciling is another art I love to do.

Each lamb or ewe that I make gives me a special joy. I enjoy putting on the bows and bells. I think every little lamb or ewe needs a bell. I always had them on my favorite ewes.

I worked off the ranch in the summer in law enforcement starting in 1979. After approximately 29 years of working part-time and full-time in law enforcement I retired the end of 2007.

I heard about Etsy from Martha Stewart while watching her TV show and that is how I started my shop on Etsy.

I decided to start making my little lambs and ewes and opened my shop on Etsy in March of 2008. I joined the Big Sky Montana Etsy Team and have made many friends and am part of a wonderful support group.

What is so great about the Etsy community is that you get to communicate with wonderful people all over the world.

Rosemary featured one of my items in her treasury and I featured one of her beautiful clutches in one of my treasuries!

I look for the best in people and in every situation and I am an optimist. I am a people person and enjoy meeting and getting to know people! Everyone has such an interesting story to tell.

I had a special order to make a ewe with a lamb at her side for a new mother-to-be! I love all my little sheep but the ones made with the wool sherpa are the softest!

My Etsy shop is:
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  1. Thank you, Rosemary, for featuring me on your delightful blog! Warm regards, Judy Elizabeth and her little Flock!

  2. So lovely that you have done an interview on Judy and her wonderful sheep! I love the long eye lashes. Very nice post.

  3. Thank you for the wonderful article on my fellow montanateam Etsy member. Judy's sheep are just wonderful!

  4. Those are so sweet!

    And your purses are gorgeous too, I'm off to check out your shop now. ;)

  5. Nice to meet you Judy!! I just love your lambs and ewe's!! Especially the eyelashes - such detail! I also loved reading about you =) Do these stand up really well on their own, or do you have trouble propping them up?

  6. LoveCreations24! Hello! Yes, all my lambs stand on their own sturdy little legs. Judyelizabeth

  7. These lambs are so cute!!! I really love them!

  8. What a great story about Judyelizabeth.
    Her creations are certainly cute and cuddly. thanks for introducing her.

  9. Awesome job, I love these!

    Keep up the great work!