Sunday, April 26, 2009

Featured Seller

I'm so excited to be able to introduce you to one of my new friends. I asked her to tell us about herself. I'd like you to meet Lori. After you read all about her don't forget to visit her at
You'll be glad you did.

I'm 48 years old and I was born in Sanford, Florida. When I was a year old, my parents moved to a small nine-acre farm in the rural outskirts of Tampa. I grew up the oldest of five children with a strong work ethic. My childhood was spent milking a cow, shoveling manure, and working in a large garden--not to mention changing lots of my brothers and sisters dirty diapers! In 1979 I graduated from Jefferson High School and that fall married my husband, Alan. We have been together ever since; this year we will celebrate our 30th anniversary. We presently live in Palm Harbor with five parrots and one Maine Coon cat.

Although I was a voracious reader as a child (I read Gone With the Wind when I was ten years old, with a dictionary by my side to help me understand it!) and I had definite artistic ability, both in drawing and writing, artistic fields were discouraged by my mother, who didn't feel it was a 'real' job. Therefore, I took extensive clerical classes in high school, and became a very proficient typist. For the next five or six years after graduation, I worked in offices, but was often restless and bored. In 1981, fed up with being chained to a desk for $6.00 an hour, I started my own cleaning business. For the next 27 years I cleaned both residential and commercial, often working for millionaires due to my high standards. At last the physical labor took its toll, and I decided to retire.

I had given writing serious attention and penned my first novel, Crawford County, around 2005. I had previously written many short stories, all rejected by mainstream magazines and journals, and disgusted with the publishing industry that has a tendency to churn out cookie cutter writing, I decided to learn how to make books and market my own work. My first published book is currently available in my store, entitled Fabricated Family--A Comedy of Victorian Biographies.

The book is sharp, witty, with double wordplay and definitely NOT mainstream. Is it marketable by current publishing industry standards?

I've never submitted any of my work to an agent, so that remains to be seen. Although the reading public seems hesitant to purchase a hardcover book put together by a writer that is not only the creator, editor, and bookbinder, the books and stories I've sold have met with an unwaveringly positive response. I am presently polishing and refining my novel, with the goal of copywriting it and releasing it to the public (in my store) within the next year. I enjoy complete creative control, a rarity for mainstream, professionally published writers. Perhaps I may eventually submit my work to an agent, but for now, I'm content to enjoy my freedom and make people laugh.

While I am primarily a writer, I also love vintage and antique items, and so my store carries vintage jewelry, china, and crystal.
I am restlessly creative, with a need to learn and create new things, so making my own books may not be the only handmade items in my store. I am already exploring the idea of making dolls and I am presently working on another comic story, entitled "Angels of Assisi Asylum", based on the photograph used in my Etsy avatar.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Stray

You city dwellers have probably found a stray or two in your yard at one time or another. This is the kind of stray I get. About a year ago I had at least 50 of them munching grass in my yard. That time they stayed for 2 days. Isn't she cute?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Susan Bolye Lets hear it for the girl!

I am blown away by the pure, honest and natural talent of this amazing lady. This is Susan Boyle singing I Dreamed a Dream on the season finale of Britain's Got Talent.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Handmade For You

If you love handmade creations as much as I do, you really have to visit
There is an ever growing collection of amazing creations and artists. You can browse them all or easily click to go directly to their shop to purchase or contact them. No doubt many of them offer custom creations as I do. Check it out!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Featured Artist

I have discovered an amazing artist on Etsy. I would love to introduce you all to her. She creates the most adorable soft sculpture animals. I noticed her when one of her sweet little lambs caught my eye. I asked her to tell us a little bit about herself. Meet Judy Elizabeth of

I was born in northern Illinois and lived there until I moved to Montana in 1970.
I live in a very rural area on a ranch in the northwestern part of Montana right by the US/Canadian border. We raise beef cattle. At one time we also raised sheep -- I loved my sheep and found that I could easily handle them when they were lambing. In the early 1980's I designed a soft sculpture lamb ornament. From that small design I began to make my lambs/ewes bigger and bigger. In 1984 I began the process of copyrighting my lambs/ewes and any other designs that I created. I then obtained a Design Patent on my lamb/ewe design. I trademarked and established a business name of Judy Elizabeth's Flock (my first and middle names). My soft sculpture lambs and ewes are based on a special ewe, Jena, that I raised as a bum and all the other ewes and lambs during the 16 years we raised sheep. Jena was a white-faced ewe and had long black lashes and freckles on her nose. I added the lashes to my lambs/ews and since I am a cartoonist by nature, exaggerated the lashes on each and every lamb. I love the lashes! The only sheep I raise now are made with my needle and thread!

I have been sewing since I was a child. I have always loved fabric and design. When I was very young, I also loved to draw cartoons. I designed and made soft sculpture bears, rabbits, and hand puppets. When my children were growing up I designed and made hand puppets and as a family we put on puppet shows. I truly enjoy being creative with my hands. Stenciling is another art I love to do.

Each lamb or ewe that I make gives me a special joy. I enjoy putting on the bows and bells. I think every little lamb or ewe needs a bell. I always had them on my favorite ewes.

I worked off the ranch in the summer in law enforcement starting in 1979. After approximately 29 years of working part-time and full-time in law enforcement I retired the end of 2007.

I heard about Etsy from Martha Stewart while watching her TV show and that is how I started my shop on Etsy.

I decided to start making my little lambs and ewes and opened my shop on Etsy in March of 2008. I joined the Big Sky Montana Etsy Team and have made many friends and am part of a wonderful support group.

What is so great about the Etsy community is that you get to communicate with wonderful people all over the world.

Rosemary featured one of my items in her treasury and I featured one of her beautiful clutches in one of my treasuries!

I look for the best in people and in every situation and I am an optimist. I am a people person and enjoy meeting and getting to know people! Everyone has such an interesting story to tell.

I had a special order to make a ewe with a lamb at her side for a new mother-to-be! I love all my little sheep but the ones made with the wool sherpa are the softest!

My Etsy shop is:
My Blog is:

Monday, April 6, 2009

A big thank you to my fellow Etsians

I was lucky enough to have been noticed by some amazing artists today. All of them are awesome in their field. Each one has been kind enough to include one of my clutches in a treasury along with some other amazing etsy artists. Fabricated Family has some gorgeous things in her shop. Here is one of them.

She added a flower arrangement to a beautiful vintage piece creating a true work of art. Check out her shop to see many other beautiful things.

Here is the treasury she curated

RedRobinDesigns included one of my clutches as well. She actually makes her own buttons! They're so pretty! Here's a little peek

You really should pop into her cute shop. You won't be sorry you did, if you love cool things that is. You can find her here
and here is the treasury she curated.

Raw Beauty added one of my clutches too. I told you, I was blessed today. Raw Beauty actually makes her own organic beauty products. They look scrumptious! Here's a tiny glimpse into her beautiful world

The stunning treasury she created it here. Please check it out

Canadian Creationz used one of my embroidered Peacock Feather Clutches in her treasury. She has a real eye for color and blended them beautifully
Here is the one she curated
After I saw it I checked out her shop at
I was thrilled to see beautifully handpainted homewares among other things
I marked this trivet with a heart because it matches my kitchen and I'm coming back for it soon.
It looks like TabithasBeads loves purple and blue as much as I do. She created one using my Spring Flower in purple clutch. Stroll on over to see it at I ventured into her shop and found this gorgeous bracelet there. Isn't it great?!

I really can't thank you all enough for including my clutches in your beautiful treasuries.

Friday, April 3, 2009

I DID IT! I made the Front Page on Etsy!

OMG! I'm so excited!. Thank you so much to adornbyamysingley for including my clutch!

What a pair!

So I'm rambling around last night and checked out the shop of one of my friends on Her name is Leandrea and she's a real sweetie. Anyway, Leandrea makes some awesome jewelry. I have several peacock themed clutches in my shop so I was thrilled to see her gorgeous peacock feather earrings. I've paired them up with one of my clutches. Awesome huh? I think the next one I embroider I will fine tune to exactly match the colors in her earrings. You really need to check out her shop